The past and future of Children’s Residential Home

Many people thought the service group of our Children’s Residential Home (CRH) was orphans. Indeed, many abandoned babies were arranged to be taken care of at CRH in the 60’s. But as society develops, our service group has changed from abandoned babies to children with serious family problems, and we are facing very different challenges to years ago. Among the parents who are using the services of CRH today, more than 60% are drug abusers. The drugs adversely affect the growth and development of babies, and sadly as many as some 40% of the children at CRH have been assessed as having developmental delays or developmental disabilities.

In response to the increasing complexity of service needs, CRH was the first residential crèche to establish a Multi-sensory Playroom in 2012. It also completed a major renovation project for the environment and facilities in early 2018, in order to provide better care and more activities that could foster the growth and development of the young children. In the future, we need to seek extra resources to introduce more cross-professional services, such as speech and occupational therapy, to support healthy development of the children.

Next, let us review the Kick-off Ceremony of CRH’s New Phase of Development “Joining Hands for Children’s Better Future” and take a peek into the new environment, current services and future development of CRH.

Link to: Joining hands for children’s better future: The over-half-century story of the Children’s Residential Home

Kang Mak, Service Director

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